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All of my resistance programmes are designed with strengthening joints, muscles and increasing resilience to flare ups at their core. All of the exercises are movements I have utilised personally over the years to successfully manage my arthritis. 

**Please note ** - You will need a set of resistance bands to complete all of the plans - I recommend these


Delivered to smartphone via app

Completed at home

For beginners & intermediate

Gradual progressions

Exclusive app access

Video demonstrations

Meal inspiration ideas in app

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  • Will I need any equipment?
    You will need a set of resistance bands to complete the programmes. I recommend these -
  • How will I receive the plan?
    The plans are delivered directly to your smartphone via the Trainerize app. This is where you will follow the structure of the workouts.
  • Are the programmes suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the programmes are suitable for beginners and are designed to start off slowly and gradually progress week on week at a safe but challenging pace.
  • Will there be any 1-1 sessions?
    The plans are carried out independently and don't include any 1-1 sessions or personal support. They are designed in a way that is easy to follow and are best suited to those who appreciate simplicity and autonomy in managing their fitness plans.
  • How do I use the bands?
    Refer to the instruction manual included with the bands. You’ll primarily be using the door anchor for the majority of the movements. Some movements will require trapping the band under your feet.
  • Can I increase resistance?
    If you don’t find the allocated level of resistance challenging enough, by all means feel free to crank it up! This can be done by moving up to a heavier band, or doubling up bands.
  • How can I get the most out of the programmes?
    Complete all of the workouts, focus on quality sleep, and increase your protein intake to maximise recovery and strength development from the workouts. If you are interested in high protein meal ideas, you can find hundreds of recipes in the 'discover' feature within the Trainerize app.
  • Is there any nutrition aspect to the programmes?
    You can use the ‘discover’ feature in the app to find nutritious high protein meals suitable to your specific dietary requirements.
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