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Making the impossible, possible.




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Online coaching makes the impossible, possible. Providing ultimate flexibility to use your Versus Limits workout plan whenever you like and wherever you are in the world via the Trainerize app. If you are motivated to train on your own but need support with your fitness and nutrition, online coaching could be a great fit for you. Together, we will create a personalised plan that is geared purely towards achieVing your goaLs. 

Whether you'd prefer a gym based plan or home workouts, my online packages are perfect for taking the stress out of training and nutrition. Let me do the tricky boring stuff, whilst youenjoy the process of strengthening your joints and muscles, reducing fatigue and improving your quality of life! There's no need to tediously arrange a time to meet your PT each week. Simply open the app to access your bespoke plan and away you go. It's really that simple.


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Detailed consultation

Initial in-depth consultation call to discuss current training, diet, answer any questions and explain how the coaching will work. All information obtained during the consultation will be taken into consideration to craft you the best and most suitable plan possible.

Weekly check ins

With progress pictures, weight and other metrics all input into the Trainerize app - to keep you progressing and any adjustments will be made when needed. Flexible check in approach depending on preference and lifestyle.

Full training and cardio split

Tailored specifically to your training goals and lifestyle. Workouts can be designed for either at home or in the gym and will be delivered using the user-friendly Trainerize app where we can both track progress and I can monitor you smashing your goals!

Exercise form check

So you never feel unconfident or unsure. Safety and efficacy of movement is our number 1 priority. Video demonstrations of how to perform every exercise will be attached for your convenience and ease.

Full nutritional support

Personalised nutritional approach based on your training goals and lifestyle. Ongoing support and guidance with numerous additional resources and a library of delicious recipes that will make you feel like you're not on a 'diet' or 'restricted'.

Tweaks and revisions

If you don't like a particular exercise or movement that's completely fine! Swap out any exercise for another. I can provide similar alternatives that can be implemented into your plan right away.


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Log into the Trainerize app from anywhere; tablet, mobile laptop or desktop to access your unique workout plan.

No matter which device you have on you and wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to access your programme and stay on top of your fitness.

The app includes video demonstrations and detailed instructions on best form, sets, reps and rest periods – the benefit of all my professional experience right at your fingertips.

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Whether its reps, sets, calories, physique or personal bests, shared tracking makes it easy to ensure you're constantly making progress to your goals.

I’ll help you keep track of where you’re making headway and how far you have come, whether your goals are weight loss, joint strengthening, improved mobility or to build muscle.


Your online training is always tailored specifically to you and your body, so as you grow in confidence and ability we’ll monitor your progress and scale up your workouts so you can continue to develop and never reach a plateau.

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Habit coaching is a strong tool to ensure long term changes that aids towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Reinforce your efforts in the gym with user-friendly habit coaching software to optimize results, addressing all elements of health and wellbeing.

Implementing micro habits form the building blocks for affecting the macro scale. The Trainerize app utilises prompts and reminders to help make these habits become second nature.

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The Trainerize app includes all aspects of coaching from nutrition tracking to completing daily lifestyle tasks.

Featuring app integrations like MyFitnessPal and apple health makes logging the fundamentals easy and effortless. 

Having all the necessary tools combined in one streamlined app allows you the freedom to enjoy the process of making a positive change.

4 Weeks Professional Online Coaching - £169

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